FEES and Videostroboscopy

(Flexible Endoscopic Evaluation of Swallowing)

We have the diagnostic tools to provide a more thorough assessment of your swallow and voice. We use FEES  (which stands for Flexible Endoscopic Evaluation of Swallowing) and Videostroboscopy. This instrument allows us to bring invaluable diagnostic measures and requires no anesthesia while being a fairly quick procedure. The scope that we use has a small wire with a camera on the end. We pass this wire through your nose to the back of the throat where we can visualize the areas within and surrounding the voice box. These areas are an important part of our swallow. We first assess your voice function with use of a special strobe light source that allows us to visualize the movements more accurately of your very fast moving vocal folds. We then have you eat and drink a variety of food/drink samples to understand how your swallow is functioning when trying to bring these things down to your food pipe.

We provide these services at our outpatient facility located 5 minutes from downtown Mount Dora. For patients that have significant difficulty leaving their home, we also offer a mobile solution where we bring this portable instrumentation to you. The exam is then performed within the comfort of your own home. Call our office for details to see if you qualify for a mobile FEES/Videostroboscopy exam.